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DECK STAINING - A 7 Step Guide

Cleaning The Wood

Wood Cleaner Is Applied Accross the Deck To Remove Mildew


Mildew Is A Living Thing And Should Be Killed Before Staining The Wood To Stop It From Spreading 

Pressure Wash 

Wood Is Pressure Washed To Remove Dirt From The Surface


Most Of The Discolouration Of A Deck Is Often An Accumulation Of Dirt On Top Of The Wood

Sanding - Round 1

A Belt Sander, Floor Sander, Or Angle Grinder With Sanding 

Attachment Is Used For The Rough Sanding Of The Wood


This Stage Removes The Bulk Of The Discolouration, Old Stain, Or Other Impurities Sitting On The Surface Of The Wood


A Low Grit Paper Is Used At This Stage 


Deck Screws Are Tightened Into Deckboards That Are Sticking Up Above The Deck

Sanding - Round 2

An Orbital Sander With A 40-60 Grit Disc Is Run Along The Entire Deck Surface To Catch all The Areas Missed By The Belt Sander





Hand Sanding

Hand Sanding And Sanding Blocks Are Used To Sand The Spaces Between The Deck Boards, And Any Contours Unreachable To An Orbital Or Palm Sander


This Often Neglected Stage Makes The Difference Between Good Job And A Perfect Job






Sanding - Round 3

Finally A 120 Grit Disc Is Run Over The Entire Deck Surface, Giving The Wood A Smoothly Polished Surface Free Of Fuzzy Wood Fibres.  





Stain Is Rubbed On Using Rags To Rub It Into The Surface Of The Wood.  


A Second Dry Rag Is Run Along The Freshly Stained Wood To Soak Up Excess Stain




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(Click Image To Enlarge)

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